Welcome to the Hand Painted Dog website!  Whether you’re just browsing or looking to contact us regarding development support, hopefully you’ll find everything you need here.  If you have any problems getting the information you’re looking for, or simply want to say “Hi!” feel free to drop us a line via our contact page.

UTV Ignition Entertainment

Hand Painted Dog is pleased to announce we have been working with UTV Ignition Entertainment’s London studio on an exciting, unannounced new project.  We’ve been working with the team to help design and document a groundbreaking new title.

Wavana Interactive

We have been working with independent London-based app developer Wavana Interactive to help them design and pitch an unannounced iPhone game.  We worked with Wavana’s team to generate and refine high-level concepts and develop them into an exciting pitch tailored to their client’s needs.

New Website

The Hand Painted Dog website has had a makeover!  We’ve added some extra information about the wonderful companies we’ve worked with in the last few years, as well as some more information about us!  We hope you’ll have a look around and if you’re feeling sociable, drop us a line via our contact page.

Tumble Reviews

Earlier this year we got to work on a very exciting PlayStation Move title called “Tumble” for Supermassive Games.  Well, Tumble has now been released and we’re very pleased to report that it is getting some absolutely fantastic reviews!

Gaming Age gave Tumble an “A” rating and said

“you can be assured to have a white knuckled good time either single player or multiplayer with this little gem”

Joystiq gave it 4.5 stars and called it one of their “must-have launch games“.  Talking about using the move controller in the game they said

“It’s so accurate and responsive that I had a little trouble using a 2D form of input – my MacBook’s trackpad – immediately after playing”

Eurogamer gave it 8/10 and called it

“frustrating in the best kind of way: tough enough to have you sighing or swearing, but constantly encouraging you to have another go”

and finally Game Informer also gave it 8/10 and said that

“the variety of unique, mind-bending challenges offered in this upcoming PSN title makes Tumble one of the more desirable Move launch games to date”

If you’ve got five minutes you should check out the full reviews, or better yet, buy the game!

Huge congratulations to the team at Supermassive Games, they’ve done an amazing job on Tumble and we’re really proud to have been involved.

Start the Party Reviews

Back in 2008 we got to work with Supermassive Games on one of the PlayStation Move launch titles that they were developing; Start the Party.  With the PlayStation Move now launched and Start the Party released the reviews are starting to come in and it’s good news!

Gaming Age called it “polished and eye catching” and “a neat example of augmented reality technology used in gaming”.  PlayStation LifeStyle said “Start the Party does what the title says it will, and makes for side-splitting, goofy fun time with friends and family” and Kombo said that it was “…so much fun that it is wholly possible to play solo and laugh out loud with nobody else in the room, house or entire street block”.

Congratulations to the team at Supermassive Games!


Hand Painted Dog has once more had the pleasure of working with those talented people at Supermassive Games, this time on the unique puzzle game Tumble for PlayStation Move.  We’ve been working alongside the core team to create levels and help with the general day-to-day design tasks on the project.

Start the Party!

Hand Painted Dog is proud to announce our involvement with Supermassive Games‘ recently-announced Start The Party for Sony’s PlayStation Move controller.  In late 2008 we were involved with the early stages of design for Start The Party, helping out with documentation and prototyping as well as with the first few steps of the production process.  We wish Supermassive and the Move Party team the best of luck on their way to shipping a great game!

One Thumb Mobile

Hand Painted Dog have recently been working with One Thumb Mobile, an independent mobile games developer based in Glasgow, Scotland.  Working on an unannounced mobile-platform title, we have been helping One Thumb’s team to come up with a compelling high-level design and prepare pitch documentation for presentation to publishers.

Supermassive Games

Hand Painted Dog is pleased to announce that we have been working with Supermassive Games! Supermassive Games is a development studio based in Guildford, Surrey who are currently working on a publisher-funded PS3-exclusive title. We’ve been working on a range of prototypes with them and helping them with the creation of their pitch and design documentation.